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Filenames and pathnames in shell

Interesting article about handling paths and filenames in shell:

Look at this quote from there:

Encoding pathnames It is possible to encode pathnames so that all pathnames can be handled. There is no standard POSIX mechanism for doing this encoding, unfortunately. encodef is a small utility I wrote that can encode and decode filenames in a few formats. With it, you can do this:

# This version is POSIX portable; in practice
# you can often use "-print0" instead of "-exec printf '%s\0' {} \;"
for encoded_pathname in $(find . -exec printf '%s\0' {} \; | encodef ) ; do
    file="$(encodef -d -Y -- "$encoded_pathname")" ; file="${file%Y}"
    COMMAND "$file" # Use quoted "$file", not $file, everywhere.

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